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        How much do you know about terminal types
        2017-04-11 11:03:00 source : 本站 click:7302

        Terminal type:

        YB312 YB312 YB312 YB212-381-381-381-762 YB322 YB312R YB312R YB312R - 500-500-500-500 YB332A YB332V YB332 YB322-508-508-508-381 - m YB332B YB362A YB362-381 - m - 381 - m - 500 - m YB362 YB362A - 500 - m - 508 - m YB372 YB422A YB372-500 - m - 500 - m - 508 - m YB422B YB422B YB432-508 - m - 508 - m - 750 - m YB422 YB612 YB522 YB522-762 - m - 762-762-508 - m YB622 YB912 YB652 YB642-508 - m - 508-508-635 - m YB912 YB912-750 - m - 762 - m YB912 YB952-952 - m - 635 - m

        YC420-350 YC420-381 YC421-350 YC421-381 YC420-508 YC060-350 YC060-381 YC061-350 YC061-381 YC070-350 YC070-381 YC071-350 YC071-381 YC100-500 YC100-508 YC101-500 YC101-508 YC110-500 YC120-508 YC121-508 YC010-500 YC010-508 YC011-500 YC011-508 YC020-500 YC020-508- YC021-500 YC021-508 YC030-250 YC030-381 YC031-381 YC030-508 YC031-508 YC040-508 YC041-508 YC050-508 YC051-508 YC080-508 YC080B-508 YC081-508 YC081B-508 YC090-750 YC091-750 YC090-762 YC091-762 YC310-508 YC311-508 YC710-500 YC711-500 YC721-500 YC731-500 YC741-500 YC710-750 YC711-750 YC721-750 YC741-750 YC761-500

        FW2.5 FW2.5-261-30 x - 261-303 FW2.5 FW2.5 FW2.5-261-261-261-261-261-30 x - 8 p

        FW1.5-261-30 x

        YE020 YE020 YE010 YE010-500-500-500-508 YE030-500 YE050 YE040 YE040 YE030-508-508-508-500 YE430 YE060 YE060 YE050-508-508-508-350 YE450 YE440 YE440 YE430-381-381-381-350 YE030 YE460 YE460 YE450-381-381-381-250 - l YE1010 YE1010 YE040-250-250-500 - r YE140 YE130 YE120 YE110-500/508-500/508-500/508-500/508

        YE3450 YE3430 YE3250 YE3230-508-508-508-508 YE330-508 YE370 YE350 YE330 YE350-508-508-508-508 YE650 YE630 YE530 YE510-500/508-500/508-508-508 YE7230 YE7240 YE7230 YE350KJ - 508-508-508-750 YE7360 YE7340 YE7340 YE7240-750-750-750-500 YE870 YE860 YE860 YE7360-750-750-750-508 YE940 YE930 YE920 YE910-750-750-750-750 YE920 YE910 YE960 YE950-750-750-750-762 YE960 YE950 YE940 YE930-762-762-762-762

        CT - 508 KT - 508

        US15 US15 installation to install the feet (anti tripping 0 US35 installation

        YX222 YX122 YX122 YX122-508-508-508-508 YX222 YX222-762-762

        JB2.5 JPA2.5-10-10 x x

        YE350 YE330-381-381

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