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        The application of terminals in the elevator industry
        2017-04-11 11:03:00 source : 本站 click:7317

        Fence type terminal blocks is applied in elevator industry more terminal products, because of the fence type terminals baffle, fixed fittings, edge insert fitting with insulation fittings, and terminal spacer, switch bridge, quick article tag, etc., product control in the elevator industry, mainly those links are very complex wires, terminals can ensure the safety of the wire link at the same time, also ensure the input and output signal is stable!

        Fence type terminal blocks used in the elevator industry, can effectively use back to ac capacitor stored in the dc return to the power grid, power saving rate is increased. At the same time to conducting complex wiring and connection control. Thus for the safety of the elevator also provides great security.

        Actually terminal not only occupies a very important connection in mechanical assembly location, security aspects in people's life is just as important, European company is committed to produce a better connector products for the contribution of science and technology intelligence, contributing to life responsibility.

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