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        So far terminal plays an irreplaceable, the effect that cannot ignore
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        Terminals still irreplaceable


        In electrical maintenance terminal as a kind of connector, is an important component in the electrical industry, plays an irreplaceable, the effect that cannot ignore. Usually by the engineering technicians first and check from the interface, namely terminal, so the terminal design is particularly important.

        The design of the product is set to: product standard, material, structure, electroplating, certification, mold, and manufacturing process of a kind of comprehensive design of terminal is no exception.

        (a) product standards play an overall guiding ideology, almost all considerations are based on it, our terminal design standards start with UL and CSA shall prevail, but in terms of some electric parameters can also be based on other criteria, such as terminal blocks of high and low temperature test.

        (2) the terminals of the selection of materials directly affect the product performance, is the key to the design of plastic material, for example: if with UL94, V - 0 flame retardant for design basis to seriously review of technical parameter of material property table whether can meet the standards of products, such as impact resistance to voltage and aging test ever could, in the aspect of metal material is mainly TP tablet material selection is particularly important, because this tablet to meet certain conductivity (current) and a degree of elasticity that choose our materials brought difficulties to our engineers, and precisely in this respect is the connector manufacturer in elastic components pursues trend, many manufacturer of metal material are the efforts, the conductivity directly affect the temperature rise and the contact resistance, flexibility and materials of chemical elements, elastic modulus, hardness, tensile strength, elastic modulus of choice with material mechanics calculation formula of the fourth strength theory. The conductivity of the material, the greater the resistance, the smaller the lower the temperature, the insertion force and contact resistance into a quadratic curve, the relationship between contact resistance main points: the compression resistance, membrane layer resistance and volume resistance (the resistance of the conductor itself). The film resistance is 70 ~ 80% of total resistance, is also the main factors affecting the service life of the connector, should give full attention, with terminal than gold and silver, while the conductivity of the silver is higher than gold, but its chemical stability is not as good as gold, gold-plated layer caused by the membrane resistance is far greater than so find out the relationship between the above have guiding significance for us to choose materials, is a prerequisite for product design.

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