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        The wall USB charging socket | Products
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        Product structure?5 hole wall socket with double USB power interfacePanel materialHigh quality fire PCContact plate materialStrong conductive phosphorus copperAC socket allows maximum voltage250VAC socket allows maximum current10AMPUSB plug voltage5

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        Product structure?

        5 hole wall socket with double USB power interface

        Panel material

        High quality fire PC

        Contact plate material

        Strong conductive phosphorus copper

        AC socket allows maximum voltage


        AC socket allows maximum current


        USB plug voltage


        The USB plug charged the current


        USB power plugs for the product

        All kinds of phones, tablets, digital products, etc

        Product size


        USB plug number

        More than 8000 times

        Product color?



        The walls are dark and all are well equipped

        Scope of application


        Input: AC 100-240v 50/60hz 3W 80mA

        Output: DC 5.0 V 1000mA

        Apply to MP3 / MP4 / iPod/iPhone/PDA/Mobile Phone

        -- same as the home switch socket

        -- the phone charger has been integrated with the home switch socket

        A cable can be charged everywhere

        - it can be used for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, digital camera, iphone, Ipod, PDA

        -- the switch socket for the future home

        -- IC control circuit

        Once installed, permanent use

        CCC, CE, UL, BS

        -- 10 years of quality assurance

        Family, hotels, clubs, coffee shops, engineering, etc


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